I am a self taught photographer from Vermont, currently studying at Clarkson University in up state New York. I have been capturing photographs since I first picked up a camera in elementary school. I started with digital but have also spent countless hours in the darkroom experimenting with modern film. My passion is to go to places where few have been and share images that invoke emotion and beauty.

I have grown up participating in many different sports mainly Alpine Ski Racing and Swimming. I love capturing the action of athletes at the peak of their game as well as the passion that is shown when an almost impossible feat is accomplished.

Even though I am studying computer engineering at Clarkson it is rare to see me anywhere without my camera and am currently working as the athletics photographer as well as doing work for the school newspaper.

Photography is a passion and hobby and I hope you enjoy viewing my best work here on my website. Please feel free to contact me through the contact form, or by my social media accounts: Facebook and Instagram, and I hope to hear from you.

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